Ateliers de l’histoire de la Libération

By offering a unique "hands on" and dynamic experience, under the guidance of experts, with the vehicles and equipment of 1944, these programmes fill the gap left by traditional museums whose displays are behind glass, separated from the visitor and with often only a scripted commentary.

Through the five senses, the ACADEMY approach is the key to a better understanding of the reality of 1944 as it impacted on the participants from different nations. What were the social and economic conditions of the time? How did technology, weaponry and logistics condition the outcomes of battle? What were the medical facilities like? How important and effective was propaganda? How terrifying was (and is) the confusion and friction of war?

Ateliers de l’histoire de la Libération

The DEMACA programme captures the essence of the experience of the khaki clad men and women of the "Special Generation" who liberated France in 1944. By using contemporary artefacts and the tools of war you will be able to:

  • Touch and compare the weapons and equipment used by Allied and Axis soldiers. To embark aboard vintage trucks and armoured fighting vehicles.
  • Smell the lingering odours of military vehicles and equipment, wartime food and also the delicate Parisian perfumes of the era.
  • Taste: the American GI was the best-fed soldier in the world in 1944. Re-discover famous brands of food already familiar at the time and you will taste them different.
  • Hear the popular music of the period distilled through contemporary on-board loud speakers, broadcasts of great men , handle wireless sets of the period and appreciate the distinctive sounds of military engines, grinding gears and clinking tracks.
  • See letters, original newspapers , photographs, maps and propaganda of the time. Most importantly, you will glimpse the landscape where some of the momentous events of the battle for Normandy in 1944 took place.


World War II Military Vehicles will be used for transportation. For this reason, the programme is best suited to the able-bodied. Children must be supervised.

Each "Sortie" will commence with a short briefing.

Group Size is from 8 p to modules of 25 p.

Private Sorties can be arranged. By prior arrangement, flights can be arranged to view the Landing Beaches and key terrain of the Battle for Normandy.

3 hours, including travel time to and from the Pick Up and Set Down Points on board period transport.

The demonstration site is close to Carpiquet Airport in sight of a major Canadian engagement and the Start Line for Operation EPSOM. It is here that you will have the opportunity, under expert guidance, to handle weapons, drive vehicles, use wireless sets and instruments, sample the rations of 1944 and much more: D-DAY Academy 15 Route de Bayeux 14980 ROTS

Rates 2024

  • Pick-up by D-DAY ACADEMY at Rots, other places on request

120 € per pers. to 5 pers.
110 € per pers. from 6 and more
free : under 8 years old

Groups, Companies and Agencies, please consult us.

comprendre qui étaient les jeunes gens de 1944 en uniforme, leur quotidien et leur loisir

From 110 € per person